New Year, New You, New Start

Happy New Year to our wonderful customers and friends!!
The dawn of 2015 is a great opportunity to start looking after yourself, create new habits or try something new. If you’re lost for resolutions, help is at hand here at Our Handmade Collective; we have a list of 10 things that you can try out this year and you can pop down to the shop for some extra friendly advice!

  • Get Organised

Getting Organised

Start the year off by blowing away the cobwebs and being more organised and in control. At Our Handmade Collective we have handy wall planners, to do lists and notebooks to aid you along the way and the best part is they are so cute that you won’t be able to wait to use them!

  • Send Snail Mail!

Send Snail Mail

Get back to traditional values this year by ditching the smart phones and social media (just a little bit!) and send a lovely handwritten card or letter to your loved ones instead. If you were a fan of our Thinking Of You project last year, then this is the perfect resolution for you.

  • Take Up A New Craft

Learn A New Craft Take Up Sewing

The optimism of a new year brings the perfect opportunity to take up a new hobby. If you’ve always wanted to try knitting, sewing or jewellery making now is your chance. You never know you could be stocking the shelves on Our Handmade Collective soon enough! If you can’t decide what to take up, why not pop in and pick up one of our fun craft kits?

  • Get Yourself Fit & Healthy

Gift Ideas For Cycling Fans

The new year could be all the motivation you need to eat healthier and get out into the fresh air and exercise those sleepy Winter muscles. You could pop into store and pick up a fun Cycling Marker to sit on your shelf and inspire you to get out on the open road.

  • New Addition To The Family

New Baby Gifts

Maybe the new year is going to bring you a new start in a different way as you welcome a new baby into the family? We have some adorable cuddling toys and gorgeous gift sets for newborns. Even if you just like browsing cute things, come on down for a chat.

  • Cooking Up A Storm

Do More Cooking

Fun Tea Towels

Dinner seems a bit boring since you indulged in that gorgeous Christmas Dinner? Why not experiment with some new meals? We have some super tasty homemade condiments to add to your favourite dish or even grab some funky tea towels or kitchen accessories to inspire you to spend more time in the kitchen.

  • Add Some Homely Touches

Home Decor Ideas

Home Decor Ideas

Does the house feel a bit empty since you took down your Christmas Decorations? Fill your empty spaces with some new decor to add a fresh feel to your home. We have gorgeous lamps, kooky fairy doors, your favourite framed Lego character and a happy smiling face named Bob!

  • Find A Moment Of Calm

Loose Leaf Tea

If you’re looking to find more time to relax this year then we have the perfect idea for you. Try one of our delicious¬†herbal teas to take a moment out of your busy day. This isn’t a normal brew, pop it in a delicate vintage tea cup and sit quietly while you sip for an indulgent five minutes every day.

  • Look After Yourself With Extra Treats

Homemade Toiletries

Soothe your hardworking hands and feet with our gorgeous homemade cosmetics, creams and scrubs. Because these aren’t brewed in a factory they are kinder to your skin for a really heavenly treat.

  • Start A Memory Jar

Memory Jar

Our resolutions this year is to take the time to remember the little things. We have a beautiful jar on our counter top and every time one of you lovely folks offers us a kind word about our shop we’re going to pop it in there for safe keeping. At the end of the year we’re hoping to have a lovely reminder of how awesome our loyal customers are. We thought this was such a great idea that we’re offering a brand new range of Memory Jars so everyone can take part.

What will you try? Hope to see you at the shop soon! x

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