OHC Instagram Challenge – meet you over there!

We all love telling a story with pictures don’t we? Instagram is excellent for that!  We’re pretty new to Instagram we have to admit, but we love it!

You may or may not be following us there already – well, if you aren’t now is a good time, and if you are, well you’re in for a treat!

OHC Instagram feed

During April we are running our own Instagram Challenge with our makers joining us to showcase the many faces of OHC – introducing you to all of us and sharing lots of lovely photos along different themes each day.

Using the hashtag #OHCLeeds you’ll find posts each day from the shop and lots of our makers – including some treats such as ‘Customers and Friends’, ‘Handmade’, ‘Complimentary and Coordinating’, ‘First and Last Displays’ and ‘All that Glitters’ – ooh, we can’t wait!

We’re particularly looking forward to our ‘Best Pun’ post…. we have a corker lined up!

OHC instagram challenge April

But that isn’t all, we want you guys to get involved with our challenge too! We want to see your photos of your purchases…

If you’ve taken photos while visiting one of our events then post them and tag us at #OHCLeeds on Day 9 (Customers and Friends) or Day 21 (Events) – or both!

Do you have a collection of goodies from OHC which go together just perfectly? Snap a pic, post it and tag us at #OHCleeds on Day 26 (Complimentary and Coordinating).

Are your walls adorned with some of our many and varied artworks? Snap a pic, post it and tag us at #OHCleeds under whichever category suits.

Have you attended one (or more) of our Creative Craft Classes? Send us a pic of your finished creation on Day 19 using #OHCLeeds.

Remember, we’re a Collective – we don’t work without you guys and we want you to be involved!

We’ll be beginning on 1st April (no, this is not an April Fool!) so do head on over and check us out – just search for Our Handmade Collective or tag us at @ourhandmadecollective

Meet you over there!

Claire & Nat x

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