Meet the Makers of OHC: L & P Company of Natural Candles


We thought it was about time to introduce you to the makers behind our fabulous handmade goodies in-store…so, in the next of our Meet the Makers of OHC specials, please say hello to Laura of L & P Company of Natural Candles….

How did you become a designer/maker?

I remember sitting with my Mum one rainy day, struggling with marketing job applications and saying ‘All I want to do is make candles…..’ And the rest is history!!!!

How did you choose your business name and what’s the meaning behind it?

After a lot of brainstorming and asking everyone I knew – I finally decided on L&P Company of Natural Candles. The ‘L’ stands for me (Laura) and the ‘P’ stands for my partner (Phil) as the business is very much a joint effort. There was some good (but mostly bad) suggestions such as ‘A Lorra Lorra Candles’, ‘Ignite’ and ‘Candle Corner’ but in the end I just wanted to go with something classy and simple that included candles but didn’t come across too cheesy!

Do you run your business full time or balance another job as well?

I also work as Marketing Consultant on a self employed basis and I love helping other smaller businesses drive forward their marketing plans.

How do you fit it all in and keep that balance?

Planning, planning and more planning!!! I have to be organised – tricky as every week throws up something different, it’s a challenge but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What’s your favourite thing about running your business?

I love being able to think creatively about how best to market our products and how to reach out to our customers. Everyday I’m meeting new people and facing new experiences.

Of all the things you’ve ever made, which has been your favourite?

Alongside my usual candles I made 50+ wedding candles for a lovely lady once and I was so happy with how they turned out!!!

Describe your business in three words

Sniff and see!

We can certainly confirm there is a fabulous aroma emanating from your shelves Laura! Thanks so much for dropping by and telling us your story. You can find the L & P Company of Natural Candles collection in store now.

See you at the shop x

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