By Eck, it’s Yorkshire Day!


By Eck! It’s Yorkshire Day on 1st August, celebrating all that’s truly glorious about God’s Own County…

And we’re lucky in more ways than one, as not only do we have a reet good selection of products proclaiming our love of Yorkshire, we also have more than 60 proud Yorkshire folk to provide us with those goodies!



And in true Yorkshire hospitality, if you pop in to see us this weekend and tell us the phrase that pays you’ll receive a free gift with your purchase, and an extra stamp on your loyalty card too!

‘What’s the phrase that pays?’ we hear you say….. It comes to us courtesy of Becky of Guitar Geekery, who’s grandpop always used to say to her:

Ey up lass, by eck, it’s champion is that!”

Just quote the #phrasethatpays to us this weekend when you’re at the counter and get yourself a little free gift as a thank you for supporting all of our talented Yorkshire makers!


See you at the shop,

Claire & Natalie x


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