Meet the Makers of OHC: RAD


We thought it was about time to introduce you to the makers behind our fabulous handmade goodies in-store…so, in the next of our Meet the Makers of OHC specials, please say hello to Rachel of Rachel Anne Designs….

How did you become a designer/maker?

I have always enjoyed being creative and ever since I was a child I’ve loved to make things. I have always liked finding ways to customise my things and as a result, I own far too many things that probably don’t need to be covered in glitter, but have ended up that way (I even put leopard print tape and glitter spray on my suitcase when I went on holiday last year. I mean, really haha) I love learning new things and I attended a number of craft classes at OHC. I was really inspired by all the wonderful people I had met through these classes and after being asked so many times where I got my necklaces from when I was out shopping, I took the leap of faith into selling some of the things I had been making.

How did you choose your business name and what’s the meaning behind it?

I would love to say that my business name is something completely inspired and original with loads of meaning behind it, but actually it’s really just my name and what I do! Quite handily though, it does spell out RAD and I think this suits my style quite well.

Do you run your business full time or balance another job as well?

When I’m not knee deep in glitter (actually this is a bad example as I always aspire to be knee deep in glitter), I work full time as a learning disability nurse.

How do you make time for it all?

Being creative has always been really therapeutic for me and so when I come home from work in the evening, I do quite enjoy doing a bit of designing and making therefore having RAD alongside my nursing role is quite a good combination for me. It can get busy at times when there is a lot to do but I mean that’s what cups of tea and chocolate are for, right?

What’s your favourite thing about running your business?

I love having the freedom to be able to have an idea, develop it, see it become a reality and then share it with others. It’s always lovely and really rewarding when someone gets happiness out of something you have made.

Of all the things you’ve ever made, which has been your favourite?

I think my favourite thing has to be my chameleon necklace. I made this before RAD came about and it was actually one of the main things that inspired me to create the business. So many people used to complement me on it and asked where I got it from and so this really made me want to share my work with others.

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Describe your business in three words

Sparkly, sparkly, sparkly! … oh wait, it says the business; not me.

Interesting, unique and fun.

We definitely agree that everyone should aspire to be knee deep in glitter Rachel! Thanks so much for spreading the sparkle and telling us your story. You can find the RAD collection in store now.

See you at the shop x

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