I’ll Be Back….welcome words indeed to us!


The words ‘I’ll be back’ have long since been associated with Arnie in his iconic Terminator role, striking fear into the hearts of a generation. However, not for us…

For each new visitor who walks through our door, not only do we get to experience the look of surprise and wonder at all the goodies on our shelves, but the comments of ‘It’s like a Tardis!’ and ‘I don’t know where to look first!’ never get old to hear :)

We delight in hearing people humming along with our tunes, perhaps giving a little jiggle or a shoulder shimmy while stopping to browse a particular shelf (the job centre queue scene in Full Monty springs to mind….)

As a farewell comment we often hear ‘I’ll be back’ and for us those three words have the effect of giving us a warm glow, a ‘Yay! we’ve done it right and people want to see more of what we do’ (cue our own inner happy dance!)

So, to you, our lovely customers, we say – please feel free to quote Arnie to us anytime you like as each and every visit you make to us is very much appreciated!

See you at the shop,

Claire & Natalie x

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