Time for feeling reflective….

  It’s almost our third birthday and as we’ve been making our party preparations and chatting about our big birthday bash this weekend we’ve heard this a lot: ‘I can’t believe it’s been three years already!‘ and ‘Is that all? It feels like so much longer!’ Looking back, it’s the same for us – in some ways it feels like […]

A few Musings on Small Business Milestones in the Current Climate and our Second Birthday

We’ve been getting a little bit reflective of late – with all of the news of local businesses opening and closing and changes to the City landscapes, and with our second birthday just around the corner we started looking back on our time so far…. On 13th June 2013 Our Handmade Collective opened our doors for the […]


We’re moving house!

We’ve been a little bit quiet recently as we’ve been very busy behind the scenes – and we’re very excited to tell you that we are moving into our own brand new shiny shop! We’re leaving Handpicked Hall, but we’re not moving far – our new shop is located in the Grand Arcade directly underneath […]

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